Here is my take on Tuesday

Tuesday, in general, is my least favorite day of the week.  Today is Wednesday; I wanted to write this post yesterday, but I just couldn’t do it, because, well, it was Tuesday.

Why?  Why I am I prejudiced against what some may think is a perfectly good day of the week?!  Since I am soooo erudite, I will throw in a quote from Shakespeare (slightly altered):  “Teach not thy lip such scorn, for it was made for kissing, [dude], not for such contempt.” For it is with scorn and contempt that I view most Tuesdays.

Let’s do this by process of elimination.  First, there is Monday.  So many people complain about Mondays, but if you’re basically optimistic about life then Mondays are not necessarily all that bad.  OK, I have mentioned somewhere on this blog, I think, that I am not crazy about my job.  Some days I hate it.  However, that is not altogether true; much of the time I do enjoy some of my work.  I really like closing bond deals and contributing when the firm makes money.  I am thankful; I very much appreciate that I have been steadily, gainfully employed for years, in rough economic times as well as bad.  The point is, with a Monday thru Friday job like mine, since I basically like being employed, Monday is not a bad day.  I like the feeling of a new fresh start to the week.  Bottom line, I do not hate Mondays.

Skipping to Wednesday, well that is “hump day”, what’s not to like about being halfway to the weekend?!  If you’re having a good week, then by definition Wednesday’s gonna feel nice, but if you’re having a bad week then you are happy that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Wednesday trumps Tuesday, no question.

Thursday is lovely, it’s the day before Friday.

Fridays are awesome.  Duh.

Same with Saturday and Sunday — the weekend!  Time to play.  Also great for getting things done around the habitat.  I know lots of people work on Saturday and Sunday, but hey, there are usually lots of fun activities thrown in there as well.  Most of the major events in our lives seem to happen on the the S days.  Ah, good times, good times…

So, you can see where I have gone with this.  All of that leaves Tuesday, and I really can’t think of much nice to say about Tuesday.  Oh, I like that song Tuesday’s Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd, but even that is rather slow and drippy compared to their other stuff.  Tuesday is like a tie game, like kissing your sister, like 8-track tapes after cassettes came out, like cassettes after CDs arrived…

I believe my disdain of Tuesdays may have begun in college.  At the University of Dayton (I don’t really know how other colleges did it), my classes were typically on one of 2 schedules:  M-W-F classes lasting maybe 1-1.5 hours, or Tuesday-Thursday classes lasting 2+ hours.  On top of that, tougher classes like science that had extra lab work thrown in usually fell on the T-T track for some reason.  I discovered over time that I kind of enjoyed by M-W-F classes more.  And yet, Thursday classes were always better — again, because it was like the start of the weekend, because you didn’t have that class again for 5 days!  And if your Friday schedule was rather light, why then you could go out and party Thursday night.  My friends and I often did.  But Tuesday, that was just drudgery.

In the working world, again, I have found Mondays to be OK.  In my line of work, for whatever reason, fewer meetings and challenges seem to arise on Monday.  The bond industry typically has less going on Monday.  Bond sales, for example, (which are a major crunch time for me), typically happen on Tuesdays or maybe Wednesdays.  Tuesdays seem to be when most of the fires start, when a lot of the stuff hits the fan.

So there you have it.  I mean, you can have it.  Tuesday, that is.  Just skip right over it to Wednesday and I’m a happy camper.



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Robert Martz is a writer who doesn't make any money writing, so he keeps a day job in finance. He lives and works in Walnut Creek, CA. He began blogging in 2011 as a way of taking responsibility for and finding a place to put his thoughts and feelings. He loves to eat, cook, and travel. He volunteers, practices yoga, runs, bicycles, hikes, and explores nature with passion and a child-like sense of wonder. He is inspired by his amazing friends, doers and other writers. Check out another of his blogs at
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One Response to Here is my take on Tuesday

  1. Kathleen Bryson says:

    Well put ..I love it ..I agree with it …but please don’t give me your Tuesday …I have one of my own that i’ll have to figure out what to do with ! lol

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