happy songs

I was watching The Sound of Music — yet again 😉  never get tired of it — with Lara the other night, and I was reminded how utterly joyful is the song The Lonely Goatherd:


If that song doesn’t leave you feeling cheerful, my goodness, change your meds!

Made me want to devote a post to songs that (I think) are universally happy and always make me smile and want to sing along!  There must be a million of ’em within the genre of musicals, and I’ve limited myself to songs within the pop/rock genre.  My #1 happy song  has got to be:

Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da


It’s The Beatles, the title lyric is nonsense, and it’s stupendously happy (whether there is some hidden meaning or not; if there is, I don’t care)!

Twist and Shout


Another Beatles entry, this song is so great that it practially made Ferris Bueller’s Day Off an instant classic.  Tell me you don’t want to shimmy like Ferris when you hear it; you’ll be lying, ha ha.

Johnny B. Goode

Here’s a pretty good live version:


Chuck Berry’s awesome tune helped make Back to the Future something extra special.  [Note:  At this point on a Friday afternoon at the office, when searching Google images for a picture of Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly air-shredding Johnny B. Goode in the movie, out of dozens of pics I managed to find one with a malware virus that disabled my browser!  Doh!  Skipping the photo insert…]

Rock Around the Clock


Sticking with the oldies, but otherwise in no particular order, something reminded me of this classic by Bill Haley and the Comets that always makes me want to sing along.  Ah, the “innocent” days of the 50s…  Never mind that I wasn’t alive yet!  I think you would have to be a zombie not to have fun dancing to this song.  Hell, even zombies would rock along to it.

Down on the Corner


Creedence Clearwater Revivial is not the band I immediately think of for upbeat, happy music, but I’ve always loved this rockabilly number and it’s folksy lyrics.  For some reason I imagine Willy and the Poor Boys playing somewhere along Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, but I have no idea whether John Fogerty had that in mind or not.  Interestingly, the B-side of the single was Fortunate Son, an incredibly relevant war protest song — also a classic, and one that makes me feel angry about wars and politicians no matter when I hear it.  Ironic how the songs were juxtaposed and at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum.  [Weird thing about that video, it has a random snippet of Van Halen’s Hot for Teacher at the beginning that should have been edited out!]

Love Train


Wow, the O’Jays really bring it.  One of the YouTube comments about this song is, “This song puts me in a cheerful mood. We do need to start a love train. The world would be a much better place.”  Exactly!  Thank you!

The only downside to this song is that it’s been used in beer commercials.  Dang, I hate when advertisers ruin great songs.  Oh well, it’s still a tribute to a beautiful song!



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