finding worthy charities

Karen and I are trying to decide on some charitable organzations to which we can give, and I was doing a little research today.  I found one one rather cool website called

GiveWell seems to be objective and on the level; I can’t say for sure that they do not have an agenda favoring the charities they recommend; everyone should read up on this stuff and decide for themselves.  Nevertheless, GiveWell ranks these two organizations most highly:

1. Against Malaria Foundation:

2. Schistosomiasis Control Initiative:

Please note:  both of the orgs listed above are apparently based in the UK.  That may or may not be a problem for you if you are inclined to act more locally than globally.

Another website that seems to be highly touted with respect to rating charitable organizations is Charity Navigator:

Charity Navigator seems to cover a lot more ground than other similar websites, so that is an upside.  One downside for me is that their website is a bit cumbersome and confusing to navigate (no pun intended), at least for me.  Perhaps I will like it better after I study it more.

I hope you find this interesting.  Happy giving!



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