Operation RWB (running with brick)


The GoRuck Challenge will require each of my team members and me to carry a backpack filled with bricks while we hike around the City and complete various physical challenges (such as suppressing vomiting while hanging onto a lampost, that type of thing).  In my case, since I weigh less than 150 lbs., I have to carry at least 25 lbs. in my ruck, which is short for rucksack and rhymes with “oh, f***!!!”

Thus far, my training for this insane endeavor has been simply the running part, which causes enough pain in and of itself.  In order to add insult and perhaps further injury to injury, I am now beginning to carry extra weight during my workouts.  On New Year’s Day, I ran a 5K with a light backpack (no bricks).

Tonight, I added 1 brick (wrapped in bubble wrap so that it doesn’t tear through the pack) weighing 4 lbs. to my pack, for a total of 9 lbs.  I only ran 1 mile, no big deal.  The idea is just to get used to added weight.  I was encouraged.  1 brick was no problem at all and actually felt good.  Don’t ask me explain that.

Tomorrow I will add another brick and move up to 13 lbs.  Should be a cakewalk.  Hey, there’s an idea:  I could load a holiday fruitcake in my backpack; those are like bricks, huh?



About goldenbearflyer

Robert Martz is a writer who doesn't make any money writing, so he keeps a day job in finance. He lives and works in Walnut Creek, CA. He began blogging in 2011 as a way of taking responsibility for and finding a place to put his thoughts and feelings. He loves to eat, cook, and travel. He volunteers, practices yoga, runs, bicycles, hikes, and explores nature with passion and a child-like sense of wonder. He is inspired by his amazing friends, doers and other writers. Check out another of his blogs at http://goldenbearflyer.webnode.com/.
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