The Essential Etta James

In memory of Etta James, who passed away yesterday at the age of 73, I dug deeper into her repertoire and found this gem:

That song is included in the track listing of a great CD collection I have called The Essential Etta James, which includes original masters of 44 Chess Records songs, including some previously unreleased works.  Here is a track listing:

The Essential Etta James

Disc 1
1 LISTENAll I Could Do Was Cry 2:55
2 LISTENMy Dearest Darling 3:02
3 LISTENIf I Can’t Have You 2:52
4 LISTENA Sunday Kind of Love 3:18
5 LISTENAnything to Say You’re Mine 2:36
6 LISTENAt Last 3:01
7 LISTENSeven Day Fool 3:00
8 LISTENTrust in Me 2:59
9 LISTENDon’t Cry Baby 2:26
10 LISTENFool That I Am 2:57
11 LISTENOne for My Baby (And One More for the Road) 3:27
12 LISTENWaiting for Charlie (To Come Home) 2:07
13 LISTENSomething’s Got a Hold on Me 2:49
14 LISTENNext Door to the Blues 2:49
15 LISTENThese Foolish Things (Remind Me of You) 3:58
16 LISTENStop the Wedding 2:51
17 LISTENPrisoner of Love 2:13
18 LISTENPushover 2:54
19 LISTENWould It Make Any Difference to You 2:38
20 LISTENPay Back 2:39
21 LISTENTwo Sides to Every Story 3:03
22 LISTENBaby, What You Want Me to Do 4:19
Disc 2
1 LISTENIn the Basement, Pt. 1 2:22
2 LISTENLoving You More Every Day 3:21
3 LISTENDo I Make Myself Clear? 3:00
4 LISTENI Prefer You 3:05
5 LISTENIt Must Be Your Love 2:56
6 LISTEN842-3089 (Call My Name) 3:00
7 LISTENI’d Rather Go Blind 2:34
8 LISTENTell Mama 2:22
9 LISTENDo Right Woman, Do Right Man 2:59
10 LISTENSecurity 2:28
11 LISTENAlmost Persuaded 3:21
12 LISTENYou Got It 2:25
13 LISTENMiss Pitiful 2:22
14 LISTENLosers Weepers, Pt. 1 2:59
15 LISTENW-O-M-A-N 3:15
16 LISTENI Never Meant to Love Him 3:50
17 LISTENYou Can Leave Your Hat On 3:23
18 LISTENGod’s Song (That’s Why I Love Mankind) 3:37
19 LISTENAll the Way Down 5:36
20 LISTENLovin’ Arms 3:48
21 LISTENFeeling Uneasy 2:50
22 LISTENLet’s Burn Down the Cornfield 3:45

Check it out on  It’s well worth the money!


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