physical therapy will benefit Hospice patient

I’m very happy because “Joe”, the patient I visit, found out yesterday that he is allowed to go use the physical therapy (PT) room at his rehabilitation center.  When I say that, it sounds ironic, because one would think physical therapy would be an integral part of the care provided to someone like Joe who is wheelchair-bound and clearly needs exercise; for whatever reason, he had not been eligible before.  I received word from his social worker that he is now on whatever list of approved patients the facility keeps.  I had mentioned months ago in a report that he had been turned away from PT and would benefit from its services; I don’t know what changed, but thank goodness it did.

PT is especially good for Joe, given his personal history and affinity for working out.  He keeps hand weights in his room and uses them frequently.  He has been aware for some time that PT has some nice exercise equipment, such as parallel bars, isometric weights, and more hand weights, and I know he really wanted the chance to use them.

Today when I visited, we made our way over to the building with the PT room, and he enjoyed doing a few exercises (without professional supervision).  Nobody from the facility intervened, so we took advantage of the opportunity.  However, I did help him get the attention of some of the staff there, and we asked a few questions about the process for getting him back in there under supervision.  We were told that he needed to speak to a certain other staff member (a name Joe recognized), so that was at least a bit of progress.  I made sure he understood that he needed to follow-up, and I will check again in a day or two to make sure he does.

I think it will be great for Joe if he can work out more in PT.  I  am very fortunate that I am not in his situation and that I have the freedom to exercise how and when I choose — I don’t take it for granted.



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