please send your positive thoughts to Erik

This is a really big day for my son Erik, who could benefit from all the positive support and energy he can get.  First, a draft of the written portion of his senior project is due today — he’s writing a song, making a music video, and studying music theory concepts.  He says it’s not so much that his progress is being graded by the teacher as it is the students reviewing and commenting on each other’s papers.  Nevertheless, I begged and pleaded with him for the last week to get as far along in his writing as he can in order to meet this deadline and put himself in the best position possible moving forward.  His entire grade in English for the duration of the school year essentially depends on how well he does on the project.

Second, he presents his Eagle project to the Council review board this evening.  If he receives approval, he can move forward with building the project, which is a pergola (wooden arbor) over a garden at Northgate High School.  He has put quite a bit of work into his project plan to get it to this point, and was fine-tuning it for hours last night.  I practiced some typical interview questions with him the other day, and I think he will do fine, but we shall see.

Clearly he’s under a tremendous amount of pressure.  In addition to those two projects, he has been taking math tutoring at Huntington twice a week, music lessons at Red House (to help with his senior project), plus his regular homework.

Naturally, all of his stress is spilling over and affecting everyone in the household.  We are all doing the best we can to maintain sanity and stay positive.  Please wish Erik and all of us the best of luck!



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