No, not Homer Simpson.  As in the Odyssey.  I feel like I’m starting another great adventure.  And also like I’m hitting a home run (because I love my sports analogies).

Three nights in the apartment and counting; this is the fourth.  The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity.  I followed up Saturday’s monstrous day by doing more shopping and moving on Sunday — Bed Bath & Beyond for towels and bed sheets, Big Lots for miscellaneous items that I need.

Wait, I hesitate to say “need”.  In some ways, I need almost everything!  On the other hand, I am finding it really liberating and interesting to start with nothing, having stripped everything away, and consider only the absolute essentials of what I need to exist.  (Ice cube trays, for example, are not essential, but some things I suppose I ought to have in case I have company!)  It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate that we think we “need”, but we really don’t.  OK, I don’t.  I should speak only for myself.

Anyway, I bought more stuff, like measuring cups for the kitchen.  Unfortunately, amid all my errands, I failed to forage for dinner.  I felt like a cad for eating some food Karen had cooked for their dinner before hauling more clothes and things from the house to the apartment.  Late that night, I walked over to Safeway and bought tortilla chips and ice cream.  I still had a bit of red wine left.  Tortilla chips and red wine each other surprisingly well.  (I saved the ice cream; doesn’t really go with wine.  Don’t believe me?  Yeah, well, try it for yourself if you like; you may feel a bit quesy…)

Monday was the beginning of another hellacious work week, because we have another difficult non-rated bond deal to underwrite.  I was dreading the whole prospect of having to bring my “A” game to the office while adjusting to the move.  Nevertheless, I accomplished one of my first goals, which was to WALK to work.  17 minutes, door to door.  Felt great.  I survived the work day and walked home.  But there was NO time to relax, because I needed to get my bike and cycling clothes from the house.  Yes, NEEDED.  I was feeling incomplete without my bike, and I knew I wanted to ride to work the next day.  After stopping at the house and collecting the bike and clothing, I resisted opportunity to eat dinner there.  Another goal was to begin fending for myself by cooking and shopping on my own.  By the time I had carried all my stuff up to the apartment and gotten situated, it was approaching 9pm, and I had not eaten dinner.  Off to by buddy Joe’s place.  Trader Joe’s will be one of my best friends for awhile.  I bought a bag of “power greens”, some salad dressing, and some frozen fettuccine & mushrooms and whipped up a delicious dinner.  Ice cream for dessert as my reward, yum…  My Comcast modem had been delivered, but I failed to get it to establish an internet connection.  I was exhausted, so I punted on that task and went to bed.

So, now it it is Tuesday night, and I have to pat myself on the back again.  Although the bond sale did not go  well today (trying again tomorrow), I stayed calm, did my best, and kept a positive attitude.  I rode my bike to work today, meeting my goal.  (7 minutes, door to door; just carrying the bike up and down stairs is a bit of a hassle, but one I’m willing to manage.)  I rode it to TJ’s and bought food.  Cooked up a rather bland but satisfying meal of brown rice, pork cutlets & asparagus.  No spices yet.  (I do not have a microwave; I’m doing some actual cooking!)  Washed it down with a Sudwerk Märzen.  Also, when I booted up the modem/router and my computer, it all worked perfectly!  Internet!  Which has allowed me to write this post.  Which feels wonderful and therapeutic.

The main reason for this move is to get my head on straight, find some space, and spark my creativity.  This blog is one of my creative outlets that I have been ignoring to a large degree.  I’m so happy to have the time and energy to devote to writing.  Exercising my “right brain” rather than being a slave to my “left brain” is one of my primary motivations and intentions.  I feel as though I’m off to a good start, while also balancing a huge plateful of other challenges.



About goldenbearflyer

Robert Martz is a writer who doesn't make any money writing, so he keeps a day job in finance. He lives and works in Walnut Creek, CA. He began blogging in 2011 as a way of taking responsibility for and finding a place to put his thoughts and feelings. He loves to eat, cook, and travel. He volunteers, practices yoga, runs, bicycles, hikes, and explores nature with passion and a child-like sense of wonder. He is inspired by his amazing friends, doers and other writers. Check out another of his blogs at http://goldenbearflyer.webnode.com/.
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