new journal

Many years ago I came up with a personal motto I continue to live by, which is that I try to do things I have never done before  – each month, each week, or whatever, just so that I feel like it is frequent enough to keep me feeling young and alive with a sense of discovery.  Because of that movie, this has been popularized as the “Bucket List” approach; my motto is kind of like that, except (a) I thought of it for myself years ago, in my twenties; and,  (b) it is certainly not driven by terminal illness!  I am driven by a sense of staying young at heart and active — whether it is trying different, fun activities like trampolines or going places I have never been, like Alaska.

On the other hand, I have never been good at keeping a photographic record of my life (I depend on family members and friends to take pics and possibly share them, which is not taking enough responsibility, I know), and I have not been consistent about keeping a journal so that I can more easily remember my experiences.  On top of that, I have a terrible memory for dates and places of what I have been doing.

So, one way I will use this blog is to keep a new journal:  not the kind where I blab to myself about how my day went and what is making me happy or sad or whatever, but one for the specific purpose of describing new experiences I am having.  I’m excited about this, because I know that in the future I will be glad I did it and because I think it will inspire me to try even more new things so that I can write about them!

For example, in the month of March 2011, I threw a “sock hop” party and had lots of friends over.  I had so much fun planning the whole thing — getting decorations and a costume and planning and preparing the food.  Aesthetically and in terms of execution, I think it was the best party I ever threw.  I don’t know that it was a great party for everyone there or not; they would have to judge.  Through nobody’s fault, just the timing of the thing worked out such that many friends had had long days and were pretty tired, so the vibe was not as high-energy as I would have like.  Nobody really seemed to cut loose.  But it was all good, and I am so glad I pulled it off.

In April, I am taking the family to the Grand Canyon.  Although I have been there once, I have never been there with Karen and the kids, so that will be new and exciting for them and a new experience for me!


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